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Climate change and the law

Hollo, Erkki J.

Ympäristöjuridiikka 2011/3 s. 135
Alkuperäinen julkaisupäivä: 1.9.2011


The report is based on a questionnaire which is composed of several parts. In the beginning there is a presentation of the reported states and their empirical status under
the focus of climate change. The next part deals with main ideology and international sources of climate law, adapted to the national legal system in question. The following
part addresses issues concerning national energy and CO2 policies mainly sin terms of the use of renewable sources, recycling of relevant waste, forest management and
other. The next part analyses questions related to the set of legal, economic and political instruments practiced in the legal context, describing also there supranational basis. The last main part focuses on adaptation issues, especially the policies planned or adopted to combat effects caused by global warming. Altogether, the report intends to give a picture of the concept and structure
of “climate law” – whether it at all is a fruitful basis of organizing legal topics – and specifically to compare national choices of instruments which have been adopted to
manage greenhouse gas emissions.

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