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Legal Standing of an Individual Professional Athlete in a Time of Pandemic: Thoughts on Improving an Athlete's Legal Protection and Social Security

Rove, Kristiina – Virtanen, Tiina

Urheilu ja Oikeus 2020 s. 233
Alkuperäinen julkaisupäivä: 31.12.2020


Just like in almost every other sphere of human life, the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has caused turbulence also in the world of sports. In this article the focus is put on the legal standing of an athlete. Specifically, does the athlete have the power to make a decision on whether or not to attend an event in an epidemic area? Are the contracts that the athlete is bound by drafted in a way that they sufficiently protect the athlete’s rights in time of COVID-19? Outside the contractual landscape, how is the athlete protected and what is the athlete’s legal standing in a situation where the sports season is interrupted and the athlete cannot make a living through their occupation? What type of social security does an athlete have in a situation where their income drops significantly?

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