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New Ethical and Disciplinary Rules by the Finnish Olympic Committee

Manninen, Markus – Jantunen, Minja

Urheilu ja Oikeus 2020 s. 80
Alkuperäinen julkaisupäivä: 31.12.2020


Sports organisations have ethical rules to promote exemplary behaviour and guarantee safety in their activities. The continued general emphasis on ethicality, including respect, equality, and diversity, has also encouraged athletes to step up and stand against wrongdoing.As a consequence, the Finnish Olympic Committee (the “NOC”) and the Finnish Center for Integrity in Sport FINCIS (“FINCIS”) initiated a project and set up a task force that assessed whether there is a need for common ethical and disciplinary rules and a new disciplinary body that would adjudicate severe infringements of ethical rules. The purpose of this article is to briefly describe the recent cases regarding
mental abuse of athletes by their coaches and to identify some
legal issues that are relevant in investigating and adjudicating cases of
extensive infringement.

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