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Edilex Legal Information Service

Edilex is a continuously updated legal information service produced by Edita Publishing Ltd. It has been created as a tool for any professional needing knowledge of the legislation. Edilex offers all significant legal information in one address, including Finland's most extensive database of national legislation, a daily news service, law books, articles, journals and plenty of other material. Most of the services are liable to charge.

Edilex Basic Service (Peruspalvelu) consists of a legal news service, electronic books, articles and other background information about legislation, as well as up-to-date databases on legislation, official information and legal praxis. The Basic Service includes, for instance, Finland's largest database of national legislation that is systematically presented and edited and updated weekly. The news service keeps an eye on the latest events in the field of legal issues, and the articles contain a remarkable collection of judicial material not necessarily available anywhere else. Finnish judicial journals Defensor Legis, Lakimies, Oikeus and Ympäristöjuridiikka are also available - with certain limitations - as electronic versions (PDF).

Edilex EHS is an extension of the Basic Service that contains all the above mentioned material added with a follow-up and guidance service. It is customed especially to enterprises having to keep up with the changes in environmental legislation as well as the occupational safety and health legislation.

Edilex Services (Edilex-palvelut) are services that are related to a certain field of judicial information. They are available also separately, but ordering both the basic service and complementing it by the additional services needed is certainly worth the effort.

Edilex Value-added Taxation (Arvonlisäverotus) deals with the Value-added Tax Act and its application from various view points, practically and concisely. The service is updated by tax experts from KPMG.

Edilex Trade Taxation (Elinkeinoverotus) presents the fundamentals of trade taxation from taxability of earnings to establishing a firm and tax planning. International taxation and working abroad are also scrutinized, as well as the transfer of a firm to a descendant and winding up of an enterprise. The authors are tax experts working for KPMG.

Edilex Lawmail (Lakiposti) mails you a list of new regulations and government bills as soon as they are published.

Edilex Law Channel (Lakikanava) is a service that mails you juridical news, new material of regulations, law-drafting, case law, official infromation and other content. You can select your self what contents and juridical materials you want to follow.

Contact Information

Customer Service: asiakaspalvelu.edilex@edita.fi
Editorial Staff: toimitus.edilex@edita.fi
Tel. +358 20 450 2040

Edita Publishing Oy
PL 700 (Verkkosaarenkatu 5, Helsinki)
FI-00043 EDITA

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