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Recognizing an Internet Renaissance for the European Court of Justice: The Quest for Certainty in the Preliminary Rulings on Keyword Use of Competitor´s Trademark

Jyrkkiö, Lassi

Tutkielmat ja muut opiskelijakirjoitukset, Gradut ja muut tutkielmat


Nearly 50 years ago the preliminary reference procedure allowed the European Court of Justice to become the surprising driving force of European integration. Eventually the late 1980’s allowed it to adopt a less dramatic, minimalist role, generally settling to providing more nuanced rulings.

Today, the internet is becoming more and more important for the internal market and the way of life of Europeans. This has entailed a chronic state of legal uncertainty concerning various spheres of law, hindering the operations of various individuals. As in the EU legal system the national courts are required to make preliminary references on EU acts in order to ensure uniform interpretation, the circumstances seem to render the ECJ to experience a surprising internet renaissance of power.

The paper seeks to recognize the current state of trademark law relating to keyword advertising and the legal certainty from an individual's perspective. Secondly, the paper identifies and examines the challenge the development of technology and in particular, that of the internet, currently poses for the ECJ and its preliminary reference procedure also in constitutional terms.

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