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IPRinfo 2/2010

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Secrecy is old-fashioned. Editorial
Marja-Leena Mansala

NBC Universal Nearly Goes Creative Commons
Herkko Hietanen

Russia: Fight Against Internet Piracy Moving Ahead
Ekaterina Mironova Yulia Gendlina

ENCES - A European Network for Copyright in Favor of Education and Science
Dr Rainer Kuhlen

The Google Book Search Battle – a Global Issue
Niklas Bruun

Whose copyright? - Friction between employees, freelancers and publishers
Marja-Leena Mansala

Descriptive Trade Mark Can Be Disputed by Anyone
Wim Helwegen

Loose Lips Might Sink Ships - Third Party Observations in the Community Trade Mark System
Melissa Sayiner-Fraser of Lovat

A Credible IPR Strategy Reassures Investors
Matti Remes

Duty to Research Does Not Encompass Duty to Invent
- IP rights in Australian Universities and Research Organisations
Melanie Jose

IPR Improvements in India
Pravid Anand

Fundamental Rights – No Tools to Correct the Structural Imbalance of IPRs
Christophe Geiger Juha Karhu

Rights to Research Results in China - Agreements are often possible
Liguo Zhang

The Real Value of Brand Management? - New Standard to Help Measuring
Ruth Lähdeaho

Organizational Networking Through ICSTI - From Information to Innovation (10-11 June 2010)
Kirsi Tuominen Tuula Salo

Defence against Standard-essential Patents - Recent case law in Germany
Christian Harmsen

In Brief - Database news
Päivi Helander

Mass for an Oprhanage. Column
Jukka Kemppinen

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