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Good Governance Requirement as an Element of Legal Certainty: The Impact of the European Court of Human Rights Case Law on Protection of Bona Fide Buyers in Russia

Pushina, Olga

Liikejuridiikka 2019/2 s. 109


The article discusses the implementation of the principle of legal certainty in protection of property rights in Russia with respect to bona fide buyers. The article takes as an example the Gladysheva case of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) (App. no 7097/10), in which the applicant, the bona fide buyer of a flat located in Moscow, was dispossessed of her dwelling and faced eviction because of the discovery of fraud in the procedures in which the flat had been privatised by a third party. Gladysheva has become the leading case for 23 other repetitive cases in which violations to the right to property have been established by the ECtHR. The article analyses the impact of the Gladysheva case on protection of bona fide buyers in Russia.


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