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May the Ten-year Limitation Period in the Finnish Limitation Act Contradict the Principle of Effectiveness in EU Law?

Norros, Olli

JFT 2019/4 s. 181


Unless otherwise provided in EU law, the enforcement of rights based on EU law takes place under the existing national remedies and procedural rules. This principle is often referred to as the principle of national procedural autonomy. There are two well-established exceptions to the principle of national procedural autonomy. First, the principle of equivalence requires that the remedies and forms of actions available to ensure the observance of national law must be available in the same way to ensure the observance of EU law. Secondly, national procedural rules must not render virtually impossible or excessively difficult the exercise of rights conferred by EU law. This is the so-called principle of effectiveness. The scope of this article is to analyse, whether, and if so, under which circumstances the ten-year limitation period enacted in Section 7(2) of the Finnish Limitation Act (15.8.2003/728; in Swedish Lag om preskription av skulder; in Finnish Laki velan vanhentumisesta) may become inconsistent with the principle of effectiveness. (Edilex-toimitus)


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