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The Norwegian Court of Impeachment – with some comparative aspects

Suominen, Annika

JFT 2017/2–4 s. 256


The accountability of politicians is therefore of huge importance, and is historically also one motivation for having special courts for politicians. The basic assumption is that having special courts leads to avoidance of politically motivated prosecutions to a large extent. Although such special courts today are somewhat a more historical construction than a practical legal construction being applied often, it is nevertheless today interesting to have a look at the Norwegian Court of Impeachment (Riksrett).The criminal liability in relation to constitutional duties of politicians is one of the main aims that this article will deal with. There will firstly be a brief presentation of the legal basis for the Norwegian Court of Impeachment. The applicable offences for this court will then be analysed. This is followed by a presentation of the procedural rules. Some general comments are done as a concluding part. The article includes some comparative aspects throughout, to illustrate the Norwegian rules in a European setting. (Edilex-toimitus)

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