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Blocking Websites: Copyright Enforcement Online and Responsibilities of Internet Intermediaries in Europe

Günther, Petteri – Norrgård, Marcus

JFT 3/2014 s. 97–131


This article analyzes the role of internet intermediaries in connection with protecting intellectual property rights online and provides an analysis of the present state of EU and Finnish national legislation relevant to the topic. This article also provides an analysis of recent developments in reducing online copyright infringement (focusing on digital music) by blocking access to websites where copyright-infringing material is made available – in particular from a Finnish perspective, but also taking into account similar developments at the European level. At the moment, it seems that rights holders deem website blocking as an easy fix to their concerns over online piracy. However, this will not eradicate online copyright infringement, although it may to a certain extent prevent casual infringers. Therefore, the challenge is how to create an efficient system without trumping the principle of proportionality to enforce IPRs online. (Edilex-toimitus)

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