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Private Enforcement of EU (Competition) Law – Remarks and Outlooks Regarding the Intertwinement of EU and National Law

Havu, Katri

JFT 1–2/2014 s. 55–72


The author’s doctoral thesis addressed the topic of compensating losses caused by infringements of EU competition law. In particular, the focus was on the intertwinement, relationship and “mixture” of EU and national law in that context. This article, partially based on the author’s doctoral research, is discussing about safeguarding the full effect of EU law in national courts in the context of private claims made on the basis of infringements of EU law, that is, private enforcement of EU law. The national courts are under obligation to contribute to achieving the goals of EU law but the issue of appropriate ways of doing so in concrete cases is intricate. The law applicable to compensating losses caused by infringements of EU competition law is a dynamic mass of principles and rules of both the EU and national legal orders. It can be noted in both European and Finnish legal discussion that extreme difficulty arises in pointing out the applicable rules of law and their meaning. (Edilex-toimitus)

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