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From Representation to Agency – Acquisition of Online Music Copyrights by Collective Management Organizations, and the Future of Extended Collective Licensing

Liljeström, Tanja

Artikkelit , Asiantuntija-artikkeli
Alkuperäinen julkaisupäivä: 6.9.2013


The article examines recent regulatory and market developments in the collective management of online music copyrights in the EU, which are expected to displace the current system of reciprocal representation between national collective management organizations (CMOs). The author discusses the potential knock-on effect of these developments on extended collective licensing (ECL), the viability of which is closely linked to the representativity of the CMO authorized to issue the ECL. She concludes that, in order for ECL to remain a viable tool for organizing the mass use of music, there may be a need for more flexibility in determining what constitutes “representation” in the context of collective rights management.


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