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Digital Games as Intellectual Property

Laes, Suvi

Artikkelit , Asiantuntija-artikkeli
Alkuperäinen julkaisupäivä: 6.9.2013


Firstly, the article examines the contents of the current Copyright Act with a view to finding alternative solutions to improve protection of games as copyrightable works. Secondly, the article describes actual agreement practices between the different actors in the games industry. The aim is to understand how the ownership of intellectual property rights is agreed upon, and in which direction the Copyright Act should be developed. The definition of “digital games” as used in this article encompasses games on different platforms, such as console games, PC games, mobile games, and games in social networks. The focus has not been limited to games on one particular platform, because from a copyright point of view, the platform is not relevant. Currently, copyright law serves well to protect rights owners of games against unauthorized copying as well as communicating and distributing illicit copies to the public. The problems are more evident with respect to creating games similar to previous copyright protected games and with respect to establishing authorship. More effective copyright protection would serve to encourage games companies to publish creative and innovative games and also to promote the status of copyright as a means to protect intellectual property.


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